Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"U" being cheesy and sometimes mysterious

Don't need to go to mysterious island to be "Mystery"

U told me,u are as famous as Comic's guy,cool, have so many fangirls and I look at U like with this horror Olaf face when he says "he is craeezy "

Yeah like this!!
Normally and so on u are self oriented,never thinking the other people as good nor better than you. But that day,after yesterday night with a full of misunderstanding U connected me to this thing , an awesome one. I take this as a credit for your confession. U must think thrice the power of eleven hundred before tagging me to that beautiful song with full lovey dovey lyrics.

Maybe U and your friend thought that i am the cloudy one,don't ever realise your secret words. But trust me, I am the most curios person, i'm even kill my fat cat to get the answer and when I'm not struggling for the answers mean i'm not interested or I already knew the answer.

I'm just pretending, to hiding the real thing that U and your friend are the Pervets one.

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